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Texas Instruments 8542 dokumentacji

NO. Symbol elementu Rozmiar pliku Stron Opis dokumentacji Producent
1101. Application note 2.32 MB 25 An Implementation of a Software UART Using the TMS320C25 (Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1102. Application note 6.64 MB 62 Implementation of an FSK Modem Using the TMS320C17 ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1103. Application note 3.09 MB 35 An All-Digital Automatic Gain Control ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1104. Application note 12.02 MB 109 General-Purpose Tone Decoding and DTMF Detection ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1105. Application note 6.32 MB 59 PID and Deadbeat Controllers With the TMS320 Family ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1106. Application note 1.35 MB 16 TMS320 Algorithm Debugging Techniques ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1107. Application note 122 KB 31 Improving 32-Channel DTMF Decoders in PBX Systems Using the TMS320C5x DSP Texas Instruments
1108. Application note 105 KB 21 Implementation of Vector Maximum Search Benchmark on the TMS320C8x Parallel DSP Texas Instruments
1109. Application note 250 KB 45 Calculation of TMS320C2xx Power Dissipation Texas Instruments
1110. Application note 68 KB 17 Transferring 16-Bit Data Using the TMS320C17 DSP 8-Bit Serial Port Texas Instruments
1111. Application note 435 KB 86 Integrated Automotive Signal Processing and Audio System Using a TMS320C3x DSP Texas Instruments
1112. Application note 249 KB 51 Interfacing TMS320C5x & Parallel Stereo Codec w/ Other TMS320 DSP Considerations Texas Instruments
1113. Application note 136 KB 26 Viterbi Implementation on the TMS320C5x for V.32 Modems Texas Instruments
1114. Application note 87 KB 16 Speaker Independent Speech Recognition on the TMS320C2x and TMS320C5x DSPs Texas Instruments
1115. Application note 93 KB 12 Parallel Digital Signal Processing: An Emerging Market Texas Instruments
1116. Application note 169 KB 41 Prototyping the TI TMS320C40 to the Cypress VIC068/VAC068 VME Interface Texas Instruments
1117. Application note 60 KB 12 'AMELIA' - An A/D-D/A Interface to the TMS320C40 Global Bus Texas Instruments
1118. Application note 96 KB 24 A Parallel Approach for Matrix Multiplication on the TMS320C4x DSP Texas Instruments
1119. Application note 278 KB 69 Parallel 1-D FFT Implementation With TMS320C4x DSPs Texas Instruments
1120. Application note 58 KB 10 Transmission of Still and Moving Images Over Narrowband Channels Texas Instruments
1121. Application note 152 KB 12 Optical Quality Assurance With Parallel Processors Texas Instruments
1122. Application note 7.76 MB 84 FFT, DCT, & Other Transforms on TMS320C30 ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1123. Application note 2.71 MB 35 Doublelength Floating-Point Arithmetic on the TMS32030 ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1124. Application note 1.74 MB 25 8 X 8 Discrete Cosine Transforms on TMS320C25/TMS320C30 (Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1125. Application note 9.43 MB 87 Adaptive Filters With TMS320C25 or TMS320C30 ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1126. Application note 5.44 MB 62 A Collection of Functions for the TMS320C30 ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1127. Application note 4.53 MB 35 TMS320 Hardware Applications ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1128. Application note 2.99 MB 102 Implementation of FFT Algorithms w/ TMS32020(Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1129. Application note 841 KB 33 Interfacing External Memory to the TMS32010 ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1130. Application note 519 KB 24 Hardware Interfacing to the TMS32020 ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1131. Application note 0.98 MB 34 Telecommunications Interfacing to the TMS32010 ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1132. Application note 1.64 MB 43 Digital Voice Echo Canceller With a TMS32020 ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1133. Application note 1.94 MB 65 32-Kbit/S ADPCM With the TMS32010 ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1134. Application note 125 KB 20 IS-54 Digital Cellular Phone: A Functional Analysis Texas Instruments
1135. Application note 61 KB 10 IS-54 Simulation Texas Instruments
1136. Application note 127 KB 22 Theory & Implemention of Digital Cellular Std Voice Coder: VSELP on TMS320C5x Texas Instruments
1137. Application note 67 KB 14 U.S. Digital Cellular Error-Correction Coding Algorithm on TMS320C5x DSPs Texas Instruments
1138. Application note 120 KB 20 IS-54 Digital Cellular Modem Implementation on the TMS320C5x Texas Instruments
1139. Application note 95 KB 16 A DSP GMSK Modem for Mobitex and Other Wireless Infrastructures Texas Instruments
1140. Application note 220 KB 30 Equalization Concepts: A Tutorial Texas Instruments
1141. Application note 163 KB 12 Channel Equalization for the IS-54 Digital Cellular System With the TMS320C5x Texas Instruments
1142. Application note 77 KB 14 Digital Voice Echo Canceller Implementation on the TMS320C5x Texas Instruments
1143. Application note 81 KB 10 DSP-Based Handprinted Character Recognition Texas Instruments
1144. Application note 54 KB 8 Automated Dialing of Cellular Telephones Using Speech Recognition Texas Instruments
1145. Application note 89 KB 10 The PCMCIA DSP Card: An All-in-One Communications System Texas Instruments
1146. Application note 53 KB 8 A TMS320C53-Based Enhanced Error-Correction Scheme for U.S. Digital Cellular Texas Instruments
1147. Application note 55 KB 12 Software Coding Guidelines for TMS320C5x Developers Texas Instruments
1148. Application note 105 KB 23 The TMS320C54x DSP HPI and PC Parallel Port Interface Texas Instruments
1149. Application note 172 KB 36 Radix-4 Decimation in Frequency (DIF) Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)-TMS320C80 Texas Instruments
1150. Application note 1.28 MB 32 Video Restoration on a Multiple TMS320C40 System Texas Instruments
1151. Application note 446 KB 90 TMS320C80 Frame Buffer Texas Instruments
1152. Application note 321 KB 62 V.34 Transmitter and Receiver Implementation on the TMS320C50 DSP Texas Instruments
1153. Application note 462 KB 24 Adaptive Active Noise Control for Headphones Using the TMS320C30 DSP Texas Instruments
1154. Application note 135 KB 30 H.261 Implementation on the TMS320C80 DSP Texas Instruments
1155. Application note 160 KB 36 A-Law and mu-Law Companding Implementations Using the TMS320C54x Texas Instruments
1156. Application note 282 KB 98 Real-Time Wavelet-Based Video Compression System Using Multiple TMS320C40's Texas Instruments
1157. Application note 427 KB 15 A Real Time Speech Subband Coder Using the TMS32010 ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1158. Application note 576 KB 19 Add DTMF Generation and Decoding to DSP-uP Designs ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments
1159. Application note 153 KB 26 EDRAM Memory Controller for the TMS320C31 DSP Application Report Texas Instruments
1160. Application note 99 KB 22 Color-Space Format Conversion Using the TMS320C80 Transfer Controller Texas Instruments
1161. Application note 117 KB 25 Implementing Speech-Recognition Algorithms on the TMS320C2xx Platform Texas Instruments
1162. Application note 335 KB 160 Digital Sine-Wave Generation Using the TMS320C2xx Appl. Report Texas Instruments
1163. Application note 64 KB 19 TMS320C54x DSP Programming Environment Texas Instruments
1164. Application note 34 KB 9 C54x Extended Addressing Texas Instruments
1165. Application note 387 KB 26 Developing a Real-Time Person Tracking System Using the TMS320C40 DSP Texas Instruments
1166. Application note 129 KB 29 Implementing Continuously Programmable Digital Filters w/ TMS320C30/40 DSP Texas Instruments
1167. Application note 126 KB 22 Predator: A Posture Tracking System Texas Instruments
1168. Application note 70 KB 28 Implementing Real-Time Cardiac Imaging Using the TMS320C3x DSP Texas Instruments
1169. Application note 378 KB 26 Implementing Split Spectrum Processing With a TMS320C26 DSP Texas Instruments
1170. Application note 64 KB 8 Avoiding False Interrupts on the TMS320C3x Texas Instruments
1171. Application note 41 KB 8 Bit-Reversed Addressing Without Data Alignment on the TMS320C3x Texas Instruments
1172. Application note 55 KB 8 Optimizing Control Algorithms on the 'C5x Texas Instruments
1173. Application note 40 KB 7 TMS320C30 Addressing up to 68 Gigawords Texas Instruments
1174. Application note 47 KB 8 'C5x EVM Provides for Audio Processing Texas Instruments
1175. Application note 47 KB 8 Circular Buffer in Second-Generation DSP's Texas Instruments
1176. Application note 27 KB 7 Bit-Reversed Addressing in C on the C3x Texas Instruments
1177. Application note 32 KB 8 Sharing Header Files in C and Assembly Texas Instruments
1178. Application note 37 KB 9 Initializing the Fixed-Point EVM's AIC Texas Instruments
1179. Application note 35 KB 8 TMS320C25 Logical Shifts in Parallel With ALU Operations Texas Instruments
1180. Application note 55 KB 8 TMS320C40 Boot Loader Selection Texas Instruments
1181. Application note 91 KB 10 Reducing System Power Requirements Texas Instruments
1182. Application note 47 KB 8 Efficient Coding on the TMS320C5x Texas Instruments
1183. Application note 43 KB 9 TMS320C40 DMA Memory Transfer Timing Texas Instruments
1184. Application note 81 KB 11 Designing With TMS320C40 Comm Ports: Part 1 Texas Instruments
1185. Application note 48 KB 9 Creating A Delay Buffer on a TMS320C2x EVM Texas Instruments
1186. Application note 28 KB 7 Dual Access Into Single-Access RAM on a 'C5x Device Texas Instruments
1187. Application note 28 KB 7 A Simple Way to Terminate Unused TMS320C40 Comm Ports Texas Instruments
1188. Application note 30 KB 8 TMS320C5x Interrupts Texas Instruments
1189. Application note 60 KB 11 Fast Logarithms on a Floating-Point Device Texas Instruments
1190. Application note 27 KB 7 Switching From Bootloader to MP Mode with TMS320C31 Texas Instruments
1191. Application note 66 KB 12 TMS320C5x Interrupt Response Time Texas Instruments
1192. Application note 74 KB 16 TMS320C2x/C5x EVM AIC Initialization and Configuration Texas Instruments
1193. Application note 35 KB 9 A Novel Way of Using TMS320C40 Cache Texas Instruments
1194. Application note 68 KB 10 Hardware UART for the TMS320C3x Texas Instruments
1195. Application note 45 KB 8 Using the RBIT on the TMS320E25 Texas Instruments
1196. Application note 32 KB 8 Addressing Peripherals as Data Structures in C Texas Instruments
1197. Application note 33 KB 8 Interrupts in C on the TMS320C3x Texas Instruments
1198. Application note 41 KB 9 TMS320C40 Emulator TIPs Texas Instruments
1199. Application note 34 KB 8 Floating Point C Compiler: TIPs and Tricks - Part 1 Texas Instruments
1200. Application note 30 KB 7 Guidelines for Using Decoupling Capacitors on DSP Designs Texas Instruments

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