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Texas Instruments 8542 dokumentacji

NO. Symbol elementu Rozmiar pliku Stron Opis dokumentacji Producent
1201. Application note 27 KB 7 TMS320C5x Interrupts and the Pipeline Texas Instruments
1202. Application note 35 KB 9 Improved Context Save/Restore Perform. & Interrupt Latency for ISRs Written in C Texas Instruments
1203. Application note 35 KB 9 Serial ROM Boot Texas Instruments
1204. Application note 41 KB 9 Mastering the C4x DMA Texas Instruments
1205. Application note 31 KB 8 Bootload of C Code for the TMS320C5x Texas Instruments
1206. Application note 34 KB 8 How to Convert a Hex30 Output File into a Linkable Assembly File Texas Instruments
1207. Application note 30 KB 7 Supporting External DMA Activity to Internal RAM for TMS320C5x Texas Instruments
1208. Application note 32 KB 8 Binary Search Algorithm on the TMS320C5x Texas Instruments
1209. Application note 39 KB 9 Random Number Generation on a TMS320C5x Texas Instruments
1210. Application note 78 KB 17 Using a TMS320C30 Serial Port as an Asynchronous RS-232 Port Texas Instruments
1211. Application note 48 KB 9 Fast TMS320C5x External Memory Interface Texas Instruments
1212. Application note 68 KB 9 TMS320C5x Memory Paging (Expanding Its Address Reach) Texas Instruments
1213. Application note 51 KB 9 TMS320C5x Clock Modules Texas Instruments
1214. Application note 32 KB 8 TMS320C5x Wait States Texas Instruments
1215. Application note 71 KB 10 Clocking Options on the TMS320C5x Texas Instruments
1216. Application note 60 KB 10 TMS320C5x DSK Analog I/O Texas Instruments
1217. Application note 55 KB 11 Bootloading a TMS320C4x Network - Part 1: Direct Connect System Texas Instruments
1218. Application note 33 KB 8 Emulator Processor Access Timeout Texas Instruments
1219. Application note 33 KB 8 Extending Fixed-Point Dynamic Ranges Texas Instruments
1220. Application note 36 KB 9 Accessing TMS320C5x Memory-Mapped Registers in C-C5xregs.H Texas Instruments
1221. Application note 42 KB 10 C Routines for Setting Up the AIC on the TMS320C5x EVM Texas Instruments
1222. Application note 55 KB 11 How Can Comb Filters Be Used to Synthesize Musical Instruments on aTMS320 DSP? Texas Instruments
1223. Application note 72 KB 12 Initializing the TMS320C5x DSK Board Texas Instruments
1224. Application note 39 KB 10 Developing a Full Duplex UART on the TMS320C3x Texas Instruments
1225. Application note 34 KB 9 Designing Macros for the TMS320C5x Texas Instruments
1226. Application note 39 KB 11 Accessing Status and Control Fields and I/O Ports in the TMS320Cxx HLL Debugger Texas Instruments
1227. Application note 40 KB 10 Multipass Linking Texas Instruments
1228. Application note 38 KB 9 Linking C Data Objects Separate from the .bss Section Texas Instruments
1229. Application note 45 KB 8 Shared Memory Interface With a TMS320C5x DSP Texas Instruments
1230. Application note 37 KB 9 Accessing TMS320C54x Memory-Mapped Registers in C-C54xregs.H Texas Instruments
1231. Application note 77 KB 11 Interfacing External Memory to the TMS320C5x DSK Texas Instruments
1232. Application note 32 KB 8 Interfacing a TMS320C2x, C2xx, or 'C5x DSP to a TLC548 8-Bit A/D Converter Texas Instruments
1233. Application note 31 KB 8 Interfacing a TMS320C2x, C2xx, 'C5x DSP to an 8-Bit Boot EPROM Texas Instruments
1234. Application note 87 KB 13 Using the Circular Buffers on the TMS320C5x Texas Instruments
1235. Application note 38 KB 9 Viewing TMS320C8x Register Bit Fields & Memory Mapped Registers in the HLL Debug Texas Instruments
1236. Application note 94 KB 11 Parity Generation on the TMS320C54x Texas Instruments
1237. Application note 37 KB 9 mu-Law Compression on the TMS320C54x Texas Instruments
1238. Application note 90 KB 12 Interfacing Two Analog Interface Circuits to One TMS320C5x Serial Port Texas Instruments
1239. Application note 72 KB 13 Writing TMS320C8x PP Code Under the Multitasking Executive Texas Instruments
1240. Application note 85 KB 10 Reading a 16-Bit Bus With the TMS320C5x Serial Port Texas Instruments
1241. Application note 72 KB 14 Interfacing a TMS320C3x to the TLC320AD58C 18-Bit Stereo A/D Converter Texas Instruments
1242. Application note 83 KB 11 Interfacing 20-MSPS TLC5510 Flash A/D Converter to 'C2xx & 'C5x Fixed-Point DSPs Texas Instruments
1243. Application note 32 KB 9 IDLE2 Instruction on a TMS320C51 When Using a Divide-by-One Clock Option Texas Instruments
1244. Application note 80 KB 14 Initializing the TLC32046 AIC on the TMS320C5x EVM Board Texas Instruments
1245. Application note 75 KB 13 Initializing the TLC32040 AIC on the TMS320C5x DSK Texas Instruments
1246. Application note 37 KB 10 Monitoring TMS320C240 Peripheral Registers in the Debugger Software Texas Instruments
1247. Application note 35 KB 9 Setting Up and Simulating Interrupts on the TMS320C5x Texas Instruments
1248. Application note 45 KB 10 Symmetric PWM Outputs Generation with the TMS320C14 DSP Texas Instruments
1249. Application note 69 KB 15 Obtaining Absolute Encoder Position on a TMS320C240 Texas Instruments
1250. Application note 62 KB 15 Designing Low-Power Applications with the TMS320LC54x Texas Instruments
1251. Application note 341 KB 75 Implem. of a Current Controlled Switched Reluctance Motor Drive Using TMS320F240 Texas Instruments
1252. Application note 594 KB 131 AC Induct'n Motor Control Using Constant V/Hz Principle/Space Vector PWM- 'C240 Texas Instruments
1253. Application note 168 KB 32 Single Channel Active Adaptive Noise Canceller with the TMS320C50 Starter Kit Texas Instruments
1254. Application note 127 KB 27 EDI's x32 MCM-L SRAM Family: Integrated Memory Solution for TMS320C3x DSPs Texas Instruments
1255. Application note 44 KB 12 TMS320C/F240 Evaluation Board Initialization Software Texas Instruments
1256. Application note 117 KB 25 EDI's X32 MCM-L SRAM Family: Integrated Memory Solution for TMS320C4x DSPs Texas Instruments
1257. Application note 53 KB 12 Configuring PWM Outputs of TMS320F240 With Dead Band for Different Power Devices Texas Instruments
1258. Application note 176 KB 26 EDRAM Controller for the 60MHz TMS320C40 DSP Texas Instruments
1259. Application note 73 KB 19 Implementing Circular Buffers With Bit-Reversed Addressing Texas Instruments
1260. Application note 230 KB 51 Converting Code from the TMS320C5x DSP to the TMS320C2xx DSP Texas Instruments
1261. Application note 88 KB 21 Using the TMS320C24x DSP Controller for Optimal Digital Control Texas Instruments
1262. Application note 136 KB 31 Designing an Embedded Operating System With the TMS320 Family Of DSPs Texas Instruments
1263. Application note 387 KB 21 Implementing a TMS320C2x-Based Dual Processor DSP Board Texas Instruments
1264. Application note 390 KB 38 Front-End Processing for Monopulse Doppler Radar Texas Instruments
1265. Application note 181 KB 23 Searching for the Best Quadriphase Codes Using the TMS320C50 DSK Texas Instruments
1266. Application note 106 KB 26 Implementing a Digital Tracker for Monopulse Radar Using the TMS320C40 DSP Texas Instruments
1267. Application note 352 KB 32 Designing an Audioprocessor for Automobiles With the TMS320C50 DSP Texas Instruments
1268. Application note 126 KB 18 Signal Processing Subsystem-Detection of Stimulated Otoacoustic Emissions 'C31 Texas Instruments
1269. Application note 146 KB 26 A DSP Kernel for Online Dynamic Handwritten Signature Verification Using TMS320 Texas Instruments
1270. Application note 147 KB 27 Adaptive Speech Beamforming Using the TMS320C40 Multi-DSP Texas Instruments
1271. Application note 53 KB 13 Demonstrating Fourier-Based Filtering Using the TMS320C5x EVM Texas Instruments
1272. Application note 323 KB 22 Creating an Interactive Simulation Environment Using TMS320C40 Multi-DSP System Texas Instruments
1273. Application note 539 KB 27 A Hardware Monitor Using TMS320C40 Analysis Module & JTAG for Perf Measurements Texas Instruments
1274. Application note 138 KB 26 Parallelizing and Optimizing a Simulator Kernel on a Multi-DSP Architecture Texas Instruments
1275. Application note 113 KB 19 Implementing a Real-Time System for Lung Sound Spectrographs Using the TMS320C30 Texas Instruments
1276. Application note 348 KB 35 Implementing Adaptive Predictive Control With the TMS320C50 DSP Texas Instruments
1277. Application note 61 KB 15 Implementing a Real-Time Application on a TMS320C40 Multi-DSP Texas Instruments
1278. Application note 0.96 MB 29 A Multi-Signal Proc Sys for High-Speed Monitoring-Facts Equip-Elec Power Sys-C50 Texas Instruments
1279. Application note 98 KB 22 CPU & Memory Reqs for Real-Time Speech Recognition Systems Using TMS320C3x/C4x Texas Instruments
1280. Application note 148 KB 28 Developing a Low Bit Rate Speech Coder Based on the Half Rate GSM Standard-'C30 Texas Instruments
1281. Application note 70 KB 18 In-Service, Non-Intrusive Measurement Device in Telecomm. Networks - TMS320C31 Texas Instruments
1282. Application note 50 KB 14 Speech Control for Virtual Instruments Using the TMS320C30 DSP Texas Instruments
1283. Application note 137 KB 25 Developing Secure Communication Systems Using the TMS320C50 DSP Texas Instruments
1284. Application note 121 KB 24 Implementing Vocoder and HFF Modem Algorithms Using the TMS320C31 DSP Texas Instruments
1285. Application note 193 KB 24 Real-Tme Implementation of a COFDM Modem for Data Transmission Over HF Channels Texas Instruments
1286. Application note 274 KB 24 Implement High Speed Modem w/Multilevel Multidimensional Modulation-TMS320C542 Texas Instruments
1287. Application note 209 KB 29 Designing an Echo Canceller System Using the TMS320C50 DSP Texas Instruments
1288. Application note 115 KB 23 Sensorless Control of a Trapezoidal Brushless DC Motor Using the TMS320C25 DSP Texas Instruments
1289. Application note 305 KB 29 A Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Phase Advance Actuator Based on the TMS320C50 Texas Instruments
1290. Application note 165 KB 24 Implementing the TMS320C26 DSP as a Rib Counter Texas Instruments
1291. Application note 427 KB 38 Implementing Field-Oriented Control of AC Motors with the TMS320C25 DSP Texas Instruments
1292. Application note 223 KB 25 Using TMS320 Family DSPs in Motion Control Systems Texas Instruments
1293. Application note 279 KB 22 A Universal Control Sys for Field-Oriented Control of AC Machines- TMS320C14 Texas Instruments
1294. Application note 190 KB 22 A TMS320C50-Based Algorithm Control Texas Instruments
1295. Application note 146 KB 20 Faster Scan Conversion Using the TMS320C80 DSP Texas Instruments
1296. Application note 476 KB 23 Implementing a Fast 3-D Vision Sensor With Multiple TMS320C31 DSPs Texas Instruments
1297. Application note 169 KB 23 Implementing an MPEG2 Video Decoder Based on the TMS320C80 MVP Texas Instruments
1298. Application note 115 KB 19 Designing Artificial Neural Networks for Fault Detection in Induction Motors-C30 Texas Instruments
1299. Application note 197 KB 23 Implementing a Noise Cancellation System with the TMS320C31 Texas Instruments
1300. Application note 204 KB 23 Development of an Active Noise Controller in the DSP Starter Kit Texas Instruments

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